The Ancient Eight

A Coming of Age Romantic Fantasy

Jim Church, a high school nobody, has but one desire, to find the extraordinary girl of his imaginings. Instead, he is haunted by dreams and voices telling him there is a great evil plaguing Earth. His visions hint of supernatural powers, six companions, and a soul mate from beyond time. 

​An angry shadow of the halls, Jim is terrified of girls, convinced he is going insane and believes supernatural powers are for comic book heroes.  When he collides with a pretty majorette with a painful past, everything changes. The encounter has a profound effect on them and the entire Earth. 


      Novel Up DATE 11-12-2

The novel was edited several months ago by Michael Garrett.  Mike was Stephen King's first editor and did an incredible job on my book. In his twenty-seven-page critique, he gently pointed out what the novel lacked and what needed to be done. Mike's advice was priceless and has put me on a quest to "get it right." However, for that to happen will require a significant rewrite. That means another year, at least, before the novel is ready for publication.  At the moment, I have finished Mike's edit and am in the process of doing a final double-read-through.

Looking  for beta readers

I am also looking for beta readers to critique the novel.  If you are interested, please e-mail me at Please include your e-mail, name, gender, and age. 

Once I receive that information, I will send you the first fifteen pages with a critique form. After you have read and critiqued the fifteen pages, you can elect to beta-read the complete novel.

The Ancient Eight is a New Adult coming-of-age romantic fantasy of approximately 80700 words.